Beautiful song by the boy$. Is it just an obscure title, or is there an actual meaning behind it?


An Achilles heel is a weakness, or flaw.
In this case the flaw is depression/suicidal idelations. I see 2 ways to interpret it, one is
they no longer fear their weakness, and accept their flaws and shortcomings.
The second way is that they no longer fear it in the sense
that they are no longer afraid to die.
Razors are used for shaving, but in this context they are used as a blade that can be
used for self harm, cutting, usually along the wrist. But I can assume that Scrim and
Ruby both see suicide as the only way they can die (Similar to Achilles and his heels).
They dont want to die from natural causes because that means you have to wait to die,
why wait to die when you can kill yourself right now.

Sometimes when people are about to commit suicide or half way through the act of
they are very hesitant to go through with it,
they sometimes have second thoughts about how they want to stay alive and maybe make something out of themselves.
But Scrim and Ruby are "No longer fearing the razor guarding their heels" meaning that they are no longer hesitant to commit suicide,
they know that this is how they want to go out.


or if you want to be more optimistic about it


Them accepting their problems (mental illness, the razor representing depression and suicide,drug addiction, etc.).
You could interpret it as them giving up and living in apathy and avoidance, or trying to work past them and live the best life they can in spite of them.
I think it's a little of both, some days you're more optimistic than others,
but at the end of the day all you can do is try to make the best of your situation and find a way to survive.

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